About US

Short Introduction

Press Education Pro is an association of international journalists. Press Education Pro was founded back in 2008 when multiple journalists decided to launch an organization where journalists from different countries work together on various aspects. Starting 2018, we decided to create an online portal to get additional attention on the internet. When we first started back in 2008 communication took place within emails and forums.

Due to the fact that our organization became more and more popular, we then decided to create an online portal where our members could quickly get updates, information and access to valuable resources. We also implented an online system where Press ID's can be checked and where journalists get easy access to forms and documents they require on a day to day basis.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to helping and defending journalists by giving media professionals a powerful voice. Additionally we train, educate and provide the necessary tools to help get the word about journalism out.


Freedom of the Press

We believe that Freedom of the Press is one of the most important topics when it comes to journalism. Freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the principle that communication and expression through various media must be considered a right to be exercised freely.


Our Journalists

With more than 800 journalists, Press Education Pro is a leading journalist association. We educate, train and provide valuable tools and services that help journalists manage their daily work. Most of our journalists are full-time professionals who work with and for hundreds of magazines, radio stations, TV stations and PR agencies. Our journalists are influencers and reach more than 2 million readers on a monthly base.


Services we provide

We provide many tools and services to help our journalists reach out to companies, governments and local authorties. Besides issuing an official Press ID so our journalists can accredit themselves, we also work together with many legal firms to help our journalists get legal help when required. Many journalists are targeted by governments, authorities and other institutions, which is why our organization's main focus is making sure journalists can express themselves without running into legal issues.