Press Education Pro enables journalists to become a part of something big - a growing organization of journalists, media experts, influencing bloggers, news editors, radio hosts and so much more. Being a part of our organization comes with many benefits and door-openers. While most organozations have strict rules when it comes to memberships, we believe in people who want to change things and who want to get their word out - no matter what others think about it.

Because of that, we decided to accept not only full-time journalists to join our organization, but also newcomers, school magazine editors and youth magazine editors. We believe that freedom of speech and freedom of the press should not be an exclusive privilege to establishes journalists only. Established journalists already know what they are doing and found their path already. We believe that its most important to bring in some fresh air into the journalistic niche, which is why we also welcome newcomers in our organization.


Press Education Pro Members enjoy

+ a great community for journalists

+ valuable resources for journalists

+ contacts where journalists can get free legal help

+ an official, internationally recognized Press ID

+ an official Press Education Pro E-Mail address

+ access to useful forms, documents and internal databases


Be a part of our movement

Journalists and people who deal with newspublishing, radio broadcasts, magazines or influencing blogs are welcome to apply for a membership within our organization. Becoming a member of our organization is easy and the whole process takes no longer than a few minutes. Individuals interested in joining our organization may subscribe below.


Membership Plan - (199 Euro/year)

Use this membership plan if you are not a member of Press Education PRO already. This is a recurring payment plan which renews every year at 199 Euros. Do not use this plan if you have received a coupon from one of our existing members. Once your payment has been completed, you will receive an email from us with additional information. 

Paypal processes payments for Press Education PRO. All payment details are processed using their secure payment service. Please note that we do not offer partial or full refunds for memberships.

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