Product Testing Database Unveiled

Press Education Pro has unveiles a new product testing program where 800+ journalists test, review and publish their results in our international product sheet database. With more than 800 journalists attached to our organization, such a database is a valuable vault for our journalists when it comes to reliable, honest and accurate product sheets and reviews that can be accessed by all of our organization's journalists.

Starting December 2018, Press Education Pro will unveil the first product sheets, reviews and product images taken by journalists of our organization. The huge benefit of such a database is that all journalists have access to the database, meaning if one of our journalists writes or seeks information about a specific product or service, he/she can access the database to find out if the reviewed product has been covered by our journalists already. If not, a product sample can be requested from the manufacturer, so the results can be added it to our product review database. 

Once added to our database, all journalists have access to the results and can re-use them to cover the product or service within their newspaper, magazine or online protal. We believe this new service / dataase will help all of our journalists, but also manufacturers and PR firms, to save valuable time, money and also shipping costs.