EarFun Free Review

The EarFun Free are an affordable pair of true wireless earbuds from audio newcomer EarFun.
In terms of audio brands EarFun are practically babies. The team of industrial designers, acoustic engineers and music enthusiasts came together not long ago in 2018, with the goal to create wireless audio devices that enhance modern lifestyles.
The Free were funded through a IndieGoGo campaign in 2019, and considering Earfun’s lofty goals, we’re interested to both see and hear whether these earbuds live up to the brand’s ‘Better Sound, Better Life’ motto.
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EarFun Free design – Functional and familiar-looking, but fits well
The EarFun Free are small, rounded earbuds available in a choice of black or white monochromatic finishes along with a matching charging case. They’re reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Buds , but slightly plainer in look.
The Free are snug in the ear, and come with three silicone ear tip sizes (small, medium and large) to find the best fit. The plastic build of the headphones and case feels cheap, but it’s nothing you’ll particularly noticeable when worn.

A single button encompasses the flat outer surface of each earbud. The button on the right earbud can be pushed once to play/pause, twice to boost the volume or three times to skip forwards. The button on the left earbud mirrors the right in terms of playback and volume, but three presses skips back a track. Both buttons can also be used to answer or decline calls, or held for two seconds to summon your voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana) for hands-free control.
Pressing the same button multiple times repeatedly can feel somewhat cumbersome, but the controls themselves are easy to remember.
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EarFun Free features – Covers the bare necessities
The EarFun Free support Bluetooth 5.0 and have a water resistance rating of IPX7, which makes them waterproof so you shouldn’t face any issues on a rainy day.

The earbuds boast an impressive 30-hour battery life, with six hours in each earbud and four more charges in the charging case. I managed to get seven hours from a single charge – an hour longer than EarFun claims. The charging time is two hours with the USB-C connection, or two-and-a-half hours with a wireless charging mat.
The Free also feature a MEMS microphone array with noise cancellation for clearer hands-free calls in loud environments.
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EarFun Free – A performance that punches above their price point
The EarFun Free are an energetic pair of headphones that go above and beyond their low price in terms of audio quality. Radiohead’s Karma Police is packed with clarity and detail from the get-go. The piano, drums, guitar and vocals are reproduced in a distinct and exciting manner, with the crescendos packing a punch.
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A similar level of dynamism comes through in Shout . The Tears For Fears track is bursting with energy, though perhaps the Free lean slightly too heavy on the treble. The tonal balance is decent though,with the treble and mid tones coming through well, though the bass could do with a boost.
If there’s a nitpick to be had, it’d be that the highs and lows could be better described. Don’t expect showstopping audio for the money, but for a budget pair of earbuds, the EarFun Free offer a very solid performance.
Should you buy the EarFun Free?
For less than £50, these EarFun Free are a surprisingly compelling package.
They’re a well-put together package on the cheap, bringing decent touch controls and wireless charging capabilities to the mix. They’re admirably sturdy too, with the IPX7 rating ensuring protection come rain or shine.
While the plastic build might give the earbuds’ budget price away, the EarFun Free deliver good sound for a budget pair, and are a worthy choice for anyone looking to dip their toes into the sea of true wireless earbuds without breaking the bank.
At less than half the price, the EarFun Free sound better and have a longer battery life than the Urbanista Paris . If you’re willing to spend more, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 are a great pair of cheap true wireless earbuds, offering an energetic sound and 45-hour battery for less than £100.
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