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The original Ember Mug was one of my favourite coffee accessories, with the integrated battery and heater keeping your drink at the perfect drinking temperature from start to finish. Now the company is back with a smarter and larger version, the Ember Mug 2. Sure, it’s expensive as mugs go, but if you want the ideal drinking temperature for your hot drinks it’s an excellent tool.
Ember Mug 2 Design and Features – Looks like a mug but works automatically to keep drinks warm
The original Ember mug was a little small at 295ml but the new one comes in this size as well as a larger 414ml model, which I have on review here. If you want a slightly longer drink or room for a bit more milk, then the larger model is a better choice for you.
Externally, the mug is very similar to the original. Available in black and white, the Mug 2 has a pleasant soft-touch feel to it and a large comfortable handle. It’s well insulated, too, so you can easily pick it up with cup full of hot liquid.

As this is a smart mug, it ships with a charging dock in the box. This fills the internal battery but also keeps the mug topped up, so you can leave it indefinitely hot while on the dock.
Each Ember Mug 2 is preset to operate at 57C, which is pretty good for most drinks. If you connect the mug to your smartphone, you can control the temperature via the app. There are default settings for different types of drink (coffee, tea, and so on), but you can manually set your preference, too.
You can also choose your own LED colour on the front, which is handy if you have multiple mugs in the house, as this lets you differentiate each mug. The light glows when the temperature has been reached.

Ember has made this mug slightly smarter. So, while you can turn it on and off using the button underneath, the mug intelligently sleeps once it’s empty, so you won’t waste the battery when you’ve finished your drink.
As with the previous model, you can submerge the mug in water for washing, but you have to wash up by hand as it is not dishwasher compatible.
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Ember Mug 2 Performance – Perfect temperature maintenance
Ember claims that the 295ml mug will last for 90 minutes on a charge, while the 414ml mug lasts for 80 minutes. This is when the mug is filled with a drink and is set to 57C. Air temperature, liquid volume and speed of drinking will all have a part to play.
In my tests, I poured in a cup of coffee and had the mug set to 57C. When the light came on, I measured the drink and the temperature was spot on. An hour later, the mug was still at 57C. A few times, I’d end up getting most of the way through a cup of coffee before getting distracted elsewhere; coming back, the mug had kept my drink at the perfect temperature.

Should I buy the Ember Mug 2?
If you’re the kind of person that always drinks their coffee immediately, then the Ember Mug 2 isn’t going to be for you, as it is expensive. However, if you like to take your time over a drink or regularly move around and return to a cold cup, then the Ember Mug 2 is perfect and well worth the cash.
For me, there are many times where I know that I’m not going to be routed to my desk, so having an hour to get through a cup of coffee is perfect for me. Performance is excellent and you get the same temperature from the first sip to the last. And, the choice of the smaller or larger mug size gives more options and gives those that like a larger cup a mug suitable for them, too.
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